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SPRD-797 Charisma Mature counselor

20:00. Brother returned from work was walking home in the hallway at the tension of gait. After graduating from high school, brother Masaru not stay with parents, age and working hard is a quarter of a century is the spread looked like an apartment with those who are elapsed had Kashiri. Floor if the care is Mishimishi. In front of the closed the sliding door, gingerly, softly, I put a convenience store lunch of dinner. Brother Minoru. I wonder become 33 years old this year. Karekore 15 years ago. From the time he is 18, had continued to live much pull booming. Brother you have wit's end in every day to frightened to brother of violence, was Suga~tsu to charisma Mature counselor Kondo Ikumi of rumors in the streets.